Federal Initiative to abolish factory farming in Switzerland

We are of the opinion that the same interests deserve equal consideration. Human and non-human animals in agriculture have an important interest in common. Neither wishes to suffer pain, and both have a need for moral and physical integrity. Current animal protection law does not, however, reflect this. In 2016 Sentience therefore launched the initiative against factory farming.

As a fundamental principle, the initiative demands that the dignity of animals in agriculture should be respected. Industrial-scale animal husbandry in large-scale farming enterprises that aim to produce animal products as efficiently as possible, and in which the welfare of the animals is systematically abused, should no longer be permissible in Switzerland. In addition, the import of animal products that do not meet the new Swiss standards should be outlawed.

Our arguments

  • Factory farming is a system of production in which the basic needs of non-human animals are abused in practically every respect.
  • Almost 80 million terrestrial vertebrates are fattened up and slaughtered each year in Switzerland for human consumption.
  • Factory farming is neither necessary nor compatible with the principles regarding the dignity of animals and the equal treatment of comparable interests.


Philipp Ryf
Philipp Ryf
Joint Chairman, Campaign Manager Initiative to abolish factory farming
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